The Top Ten Trader Joe’s Items

By Emma Kidger

Trader Joe’s is my all time favorite place to get groceries. Everytime I go grocery shopping with my parents, I find myself in awe of the geniusness that is the beloved Trader Joe’s grocery store. Whether you want to make a charcuterie board, need to pick up a quick lunch, or are craving something sweet, Trader Joe’s is the palace for you. On your next grocery run make sure to try out some of my favorite Trader Joe’s items.

  1. Butternut Squash Mac n Cheese

Starting off we have the Butternut Squash Mac n Cheese. Although this amazing lunch or a quick dinner is only available through the fall months of September and October, this delicious meal is a great item to keep an eye out for. The butternut squash gives a sweeter note to an ordinary nac n cheese. The sweet squash is mixed in with  various types of savory cheese so you don’t even notice the vegetable. Whether you need a dish for lunch or a quick and easy dinner, the creamy and warm soup will fulfill your fall meal expectations. In the beginning of September I always check by the frozen lunch sections for this fall favorite. 

  1. Butter Chicken 

One of my all time favorites, Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken, is the best warm meal especially when paired with Trader Joe’s toasted Naan. The various notes of turmeric and cumin in the sauce add an extra layer of spice with the juicy chunks of chicken. Trader Joe’s also includes jasmine rice to level out the heat of the butter chicken sauce. This warm dinner is best for any time of year, especially the colder months. When I go to Trader Joe’s my first pit stop is near the indian influenced frozen section to pick up my favorite lunch.

  1. Chicken Gyoza Potstickers 

The Chicken Gyoza Potstickers also make a great lunch or dinner. You can eat the amazing potstickers with steamed broccoli, rice, or you can just top it off with soy sauce! If you want a more filling dinner, luckily for you, Trader Joe’s has got you covered! They have Orange Chicken or Stir Fried Rice which can make the simple Chicken Gyoza Potstickers a delicious meal. You can find this Trader Joe’s product near the other frozen chinese inspired food. 

  1. Falafel and Tzatziki 

A recent Trader Joe’s discovery: the Falafel, makes a perfect middle eastern dish. For a smaller dish or lunch, I usually make my Falafels with Trader Joe’s new Tzatziki dip. Another idea for a big lunch or dinner is to make your own gyros with Trader Joe’s pita bread and your favorite gyro toppings. These products can be found near the dips and the frozen appetizers. 

  1. Chicken and Cheese Tamales

After a long morning of school I enjoy Trader Joe’s Chicken Tamales for a filling lunch. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, Trader Joe’s also provides a green chili version which is also a great lunch option. The amount of salsas or sauces you can eat with your tamales are endless, thanks to Trader Joe’s. I like to eat my tamales with sour cream and pico de gaillo’s, but if you are looking for something with some more spice, Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce will bring the heat. The Chicken and Cheese Tamales can be found in the frozen section near the other mexican inspired food. 

  1. Gone Bananas 

This cold and chocolatey dessert makes for a healthy alternative to a banana split. The sliced banana covered in dark chocolate is perfect for fulfilling your sweet tooth cravings. If banana is not your style, try the frozen chocolate covered strawberries. If you’re on your way out the door but want something cold and chocolatey, Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas treat has got you covered. If you want to go bananas with this small treat, you can find it near the frozen desserts. 

  1.  Mini Brie Cheese and Pepper Jelly 

If you’re obsessed with charcuterie boards, like me, you’ll enjoy this smaller rendition of a cheese platter. When packing my lunch for school, I love to throw in Trader Joe’s mini bries with salami or an apple. I also include the mini brie with the Sweet and Spicy Pepper Jelly on my charcuterie board. Trader Joe’s also exceeds in providing many additions to cheese whether it be crackers, jelly, or even a fruit. You can find the Mini Brie hidden amongst the bountiful display of cheese. The pepper jelly can often be found with the seasonings and other jarred products. 

  1. Dried Pineapple Rings

Over the summer, my go-to beachside snack was Trader Joe’s Dried Pineapple Rings. The sweet and quick dried fruit easily beats the salty water taste from the ocean. The Dried Pineapple Rings have continued to be my favorite snack during the colder weather as well. When I need a quick pick me up during a zoom call or an afterschool snack, I quickly grab my dried pineapple and continue my schoolwork. This perfect school snack can be found amongst the other dried fruit and various nuts assortments. 

  1. Mini Hold the Cone Vanilla Ice Cream Cones

On long hot summer days my family and I love to dig into Trader Joe’s  mini vanilla ice cream cones. Not only are they the perfect sweet bite, but they also add an unexpected chocolate not only on the top but also on the bottom of the cone. If you are a vanilla or even a chocolate ice cream lover, you will love this mix of both. They also carry an exclusive pumpkin and spice version during the beginning of fall to include in your desert options when the hot summer weather starts to die down. You can find this delicious treat in the frozen dessert section near all the other delicious ice cream options. 

  1. Organic Açaí Bowl

Lastly, Trader Joe’s Organic Açaí Bowl is perfect for any meal. Especially after a long workout or for an uplifting breakfast, I love devouring the quick and prepped Organic Açaí Bowl. During the colder months Trader Joe’s Organic Açaí Bowl can take you back to the fun times you have during summer and brighten your day. This product is often hidden with the frozen fruit.