Not so Youthful Yoda

By Ricky Thompson

    Judge him by his size, you should not. Green and powerful, he is. A wise Master Jedi of the Jedi Council, Yoda, boasts a long career as a force user. In his 9 centuries, Yoda led the Jedi through much strife. At the young age of 100, he became a Jedi Master and centuries later, unbeknownst to many, became the Master of a young Count Dooku. Decades later, however, Dooku and Yoda would come to be enemies, with Dooku being a Separatist leader, and Yoda defending the Republic. During the clone wars, in a large battle, Yoda met his former Padawan once more. After Count Dooku defeated and incapacitated the famous duo of Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, Yoda dueled and proved his strength over Count Dooku. Within the Rebellion era, when the tyrannical Darth Sidious led, Yoda, a now secluded survivor of Order 66, trained Luke Skywalker. With Yoda’s lessons, Luke was able to help in overthrowing the Empire that Sidious created and start an age of peace. Thanks to Yoda’s loyalty and longevity toward the Jedi Order, peace in the Star Wars galaxy was accomplished.