The Immeasurable Emily Zinn!

By Alessandra Kelly 

A stylish young lady, junior Emily Zinn constantly demonstrates her great sense of style both in and outside of school. Her style constantly fits the new trends, and she never seems to have a bad fashion day! Most importantly, she is a kind and caring soul who lifts the spirits of those around her with her infectious smile. 

Describe your style in three words. 

Artistic, comfortable, 90s

Who are your fashion icons? 

I get my inspiration through my friends and social media!

What is a go to item in your closet? 

My oversized jeans from Brandy Melville— I absolutely love how I am able to pair them with anything!

Where do you get your clothes from? 

I get my clothes from thrifting, eBay, and other online clothing stores.

What is a fashion trend you love? 

I love layering clothes and of course, animal print!

What is a fashion trend you hate? 

I really dislike cut-out shoulders in tops.

What are some fashion tips you have?

I recommend having the basics in your wardrobe, however, remember that you can have more than one style! Overall, just be confident with your outfit and use your environment or social media as inspiration! It’s okay to have a “bad” fashion day as well!