College Focus: Boston University

By Kendyl Brower

There’s never a dull moment at Boston University, located in the heart of— you guessed it— Boston, Massachusetts. At BU, you’ll be enamored by the stunning campus, including the tranquility of the Charles River and quiet suburbs on one end, with a bustling city on the other. With rich history and culture, the extraordinary city of Boston offers countless opportunities for students to explore potential careers. Quick access to the city also provides various activities such as cheering on the Red Sox at Fenway Park or walking down the historical site of Faneuil Hall. Students enjoy campus life with the 450+ student groups and 23 D1 athletic programs, most notably the BU Hockey Team. If you long for vibrant city life full of monumental structures and spirited campus culture, Boston University is the place for you. 

Globally renowned, BU’s rigorous academics with over 300 programs allow students to experiment with hundreds of unique courses. Most notably, BU students excel in law, medicine, and economics. This private university describes research as the cornerstone to academic and scientific improvement and offers  hundreds of research projects through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. In addition, BU encourages students to continue their studies across the globe with one of the top study abroad programs in the country. Despite the large size, BU’s ratio of students to faculty is only 10:1, so students make deep connections with award-winning  professors. Consequently, this prestigious school has a competitive acceptance rate of 22.1%, requiring applicants to demonstrate academic excellence and unique attributes. 

With a lively campus, energetic student life, outstanding academics, and notable alumni such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Boston University proves to hold up to its title of an “International Powerhouse.”