Hakuna Matata: A Problem-Free Philosophy?

By Cassie Kim

If you have seen the Lion King, I am sure that you have seen Simba’s two lovable mentors sing Hakuna Matata, which signifies having no worries for the rest of one’s days. This phrase translates to “no worries” from Swahili. A problem free philosophy, they claim, sure to make life effortless, might not be all people expect it to be. The allure of having a carefree life might encourage some to follow the Hakuna Matata way of life, but the lack of effort and care in this philosophy can wreak havoc. Without goals and worry, it is much more difficult to accomplish much of anything. Looking at the laid back Timon and Pumba, the ineffectiveness of the Hakuna Matata philosophy becomes apparent. The Hakuna Matata philosophy is an apology free philosophy and it leads its followers to focus on their own self interests. The lack of empathy that this philosophy cultivates in its followers reveals the harmful nature of the philosophy, so before you succumb to the appeal of a care-free philosophy, consider giving it a second thought to preserve your motivation and empathy.