By Austin Lin  

Teased around half a year ago, George Miller, known by his stage name Joji and formerly as Filthy Frank, had prepared an incredible album. Nectar was a highly anticipated album from the already well-known artist, releasing singles from the album such as “Sanctuary”, “Run”, and others. High expectations were held for Miller due to the outstanding quality of his previous works such as BALLADS 1 and Head In The Clouds. The songs emulate a plethora of different emotions ranging from melancholy pieces such as “Like You Do” and “High Hopes (Featuring Omar Apollo)” to upbeat songs like “Gimme Love” and “Pretty Boy (Featuring Lil Yachty)”. The composition of pensive and cheerful melodies result in an extremely enjoyable full listening experience or as stand alone singles. Some personal favorites include “Afterthought” and “Gimme Love”. While some believe that Nectar doesn’t top BALLADS 1, However, the album lives up to the hype in my book, the lyrics, the structure, and the cadence of each song is satisfying and a joy to listen to. So whatever mood you’re feeling, Nectar has a song for you. 

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