The Real Thrift?

By Alessandra Kelly 

At this time, I have found myself with ample time to explore the internet of various shops and stores. Interestingly enough, I came across two shops which explore a different version of shopping, online thrifting! Thrifting not only remains a very sustainable option for receiving new items of clothing, thrift stores can expose the consumer to a new sense of style through the purchase of used clothing. 
The RealReal: One of the top leading thrift stores for “authenticated luxury consignment.” In simpler terms the store offers some luxurious brands at a more affordable and sustainable price. Unfortunately, correspondents on CNBC found that The RealReal’s authentication process was not 100% full proof. Reporters found that consignments offering counterfeit products had slipped through the company’s authentication process, including obvious fakes. For example, one operator missed a pair of Jimmy Choo flats that are misspelled to read “Jimmy Ghoo.”

I, fortunately, experienced no issues with “fake” clothing, however, other apparent problems arose once I received my package. First off, I purchased four items of clothing from this online store.

Pants: I purchased 3 pairs of pants from the thrift store, and when purchasing I followed my normal measurements for jeans. One pair of the pants fit, although not to my standards; however, the other pants did not fit even close. However, I would like to mention that I wear a size 24 and a double zero in every pair of pants I buy personally, so for me the lack of accuracy in the measurements was quite astonishing.  

Shirts: The only item I especially liked from my purchase was a silk pajama top that I will gladly wear any time of the day.  

Overall, the purchase remained a fail due to the fact that I can only wear one of the items I purchased regularly, due to my standards. 

2 out of 5 stars 

thredUP: The world’s largest online thrift stores offering a wide range of brands to select from. 

When purchasing from this store, I held high expectations as many people had given extremely good reviews on the store. 

Pants: I purchased 2 pairs of jeans from the store, and amazingly, both pants fit surprisingly well! The jeans are a straight fit, with holes to provide a ragged look. 

Shirts: All the shirts I purchased, which came to a total of three, fit well! Two of the shirts were in especially good condition, yet I can overlook the condition over one of the items purchased because of how much I enjoy the item. 

Ultimately, I consider the purchase a win! While I didn’t especially love all the items once I saw them in person, all the measurements and images of the items were extremely accurate! 

3.5 out of 5 stars 

While I attest to in-store shopping remaining the most practicable option for receiving clothes, online thrifting remains a very interesting solution to America’s consumerist culture, and depending on the store, could provide shockingly amazing results!  

I recommend for shoppers to simply pay close attention to the timeless brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Outfitters, and Ralph Lauren, as they provide the best styles for clothing.