Meet The Astonishing ASB Presidents

By Sophia Christensen and Emma Kidger

Westmont students zoom into the 2020-2021 school year with positivity and curiosity.  From losing internet connection to learning how to work Canvas, we all experience some difficulties when readjusting to our new school routines. Despite the struggles and mishaps, the ASB presidents have our backs. Our supportive group of presidents bring hope and positivity into their goals for this upcoming school year. 

Hardworking and uplifting, Caylee Chan begins her fourth year in Leadership as ASB president. The previous year she fulfilled the position of ASB treasurer, so she is set up for success. Caylee explains “I have found my people at Westmont. I love how I can be myself and that I was able to find something that fit me as a person.” Caylee’s profound love for the Westmont community inspires her to make this unique school year “a good year for everyone, especially the seniors.” 

Continuing her four year streak as class of 2021’s president, Senior Lucia Wilder has big plans for her last year at Westmont. In preparation for her graduating class, determined Lucia wants “everyone’s high school experience to end on a high note,” despite the challenges we face as a community during this time of uncertainty. Confidently she wants to make the “most of our senior year and create fun memories.”

Sophia Christensen, the newly appointed president of class of 2022, strives to “make sure everyone feels included, safe, and create a place where students can express themselves.” During her junior year she hopes to create a loving community and support the other classes. Sophia explains, “Even with the unexpected turn of events, I aspire to make sure everyone has an amazing school year, especially the freshmen and seniors.”

Entering her second year as the class of 2023 president, Melania Metanovic has valuable hopes for the school year that she plans on fulfilling. Her goals for this school year are to “build new friendships and relationships and be more involved in the Westmont community.” She is determined to deepen her connections with students on campus and overall create a comfortable and loving environment this year. 

Coming in fresh and new, we have the freshmen president, Colette Dougher, who has many aspirations for the incoming freshman and school year overall. Her goals this year are to “get to know more people and just build a more diverse community of friends”. Colette strives to build relationships all around campus and allow students to feel part of this special community. 

With hope and strong leadership, our Presidents and Executive Board will make the 2020-2021 school year memorable, regardless of the struggles that come with distance learning.