The Marvelous Mae

By Natasha Muller

Name: Ms. Mallory Mae

Subject: Biology and AP Biology

College: UC Santa Cruz

High School: N/A

Place of Birth: N/A

Years in Education: 10 years

Pet peeves: People driving in the passing lane

Heroes: Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Kamala Harris

What’s your favorite song? Atlantic City – The Band Cover

Who was your most influential teacher and why? Mrs. Wentland: I grew up in a tough home. She recognized my danger of falling through the cracks and helped me refocus my direction.

What’s your favorite meal? Anything Italian with cheese, noodles, and legit marinara sauce

The ideal vacation is…. Chilé – surf lefts (reef) and mountain bike.

A student needs… a teacher who knows their students and a teacher who cares about students loving the subject they teach.

A teacher is… a conductor towards discovery.