The Graceful Garcia

By Sophia Christensen

Name: Tiffany Garcia

Subject: Art 1 & Digital Photography 1

College: San Jose State University

High School: Lincoln High School in Stockton CA

Place of Birth: Gilroy CA

Years in Education: This is my first year; I had 1 year of student teaching prior to this position.

Pet Peeves: Loud chewers, I can’t stand it.

Heroes: My mom and little sister

What’s your favorite song? Eternal Summer by The Strokes

Who was your most influential teacher and why? My high school art teacher, because he made me feel like I belonged and challenged me to grow my art skills; his motivation lead me to become a teacher myself.

What’s your favorite meal: Ceviche with tostadas

The ideal vacation is… lounging at a beach, dancing, and good food.

A student needs… a teacher that is understanding and patient.

A teacher is… someone who can be a role model, provide inspiration, and create engaging

lessons for every student.