By Meriem Cherif

Looking at the digital clock, 

We’ve got nine minutes more,

The day-to-day monotony,

Study hall is such a bore,

Don’t feel like starting homework,

I slyly scan the room,

Not one friend in sight, 

Must I succumb to this gloom?

Finished texting my friends,

And I’m still bewildered by the news,

History class in my pajamas,

Calculus wearing no shoes,

Pressing wrong links,

I coolly scan my room,

Turning back to my laptop,

I’m ready to try out Zoom!

Clambering out of bed,

I get ready with closed eyes,

Hopefully the Wifi isn’t spotty,

Charge my laptop before it dies,

Backpack sits untouched,

I wearily scan the room,

Sighing in exasperation,

I wonder when life will resume.