Are Online Concerts Here to Stay?

By Emma Kidger

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes over everyday life norms, it leaves companies and industries in the dust. The music industry and artists are left clueless as to how to carry on and develop a new way of connecting with their fans. After the cancellation of tours, concerts, and festivals, music artists are putting their creativity to the test. 

After a long pause on new music and concerts during quarantine, the “One World: Together at Home” concert began to unify the music community once again. From Rex Orange County to Dua Lipa, more artists are becoming determined to reimagine music through Instagram lives and Zoom calls. 

Now that artists have become more familiar with virtual concerts, the thought of continuing at home events after the pandemic circles everyone’s minds. Will music lovers be able to readapt to going to concerts and experience music events and festivals?
Most concert goers and big name artists have agreed that the experience of an online concert will never compare to the feeling of listening to your favorite artists in person. Many people missed out on the once in a lifetime experiences like the Jonas Brothers reunion concert or Elton John’s last tour due to the pandemic. Dave Brooks, Billboard’s senior director, tells USA Today, “I don’t think streaming will replace concerts, I think streaming performances will become their own category of what artists offer their fans.” 

Despite the convenient and cost effective benefits of at home concerts, live-streaming will never match the experience and feeling you receive from seeing your idol musicians in person.