Tremendous Tea Eggs!

By Ian Grosch

This savory breakfast meal is an amazing source of protein!


– Boil 20 eggs

– After boiling, let it cool in ice water 2-3 hours

– After cooling, drain water

– Lightly crack the outside of the egg shell

– After cracking, place the eggs in a pot and fill it with water until the eggs are no longer uncovered

– Add 1.5 cups of soy sauce. If it is too strong reduce the amount of soy sauce you add

– Add 2 Lipton tea bags (black tea)

– Add 1/4 cup of Oolong tea leaves (optional for flavoring)

– Add 2 dried cinnamon sticks

– Add 3 dried star aniseeds

– Add 1 Tablespoon of raw sugar

– Boil for about 30 minutes

– Let sit for 4 hours, than boil 30 minutes

Leave the full pot in the fridge if you are finished! Reheat on the stove to eat again!