Mask Fashion

By Kendyl Brower 

Masks, the new staple in every outfit are more than fashionable accessories. Wearing a mask adds more than just style to your appearance; it adds safety and a notion to your community that you care about your neighbors’ well being. Although these garments mainly provide protection, decorative masks can still be worn to elevate a look, as long as the material still satisfies the safety requirements. There is no shame in wearing a surgical mask, but for fashionistas who crave a chic addition to outfits, there are many masks that do not sacrifice safety for style. Here are a few masks that look cute as well as donate to charities: 

  1. Reformation: Donates masks to Los Angeles Mission Shelters, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Until We Do It, and The White Mountain Apache Tribe

  1. Sanctuary: Donates medical-grade masks to organizations in need
  1. Onzie: Donates to Center For Disaster Philanthropy and healthcare workers 
  1. Alice + Olivia: Donates to No Kid Hungry campaign

  1. Abacaxi: Donates to The Rainforest Alliance