Easy Sewing Tutorials

By Anna Hanuska

I’ve been sewing for nearly ten years, and I’ve made various complex projects including a Princess Anna dress in middle school, and multiple pairs of pajama pants. Here are a couple of my favorite simple projects for beginners! Check out the tutorials linked to the projects!

  1. Scrunchies. They’re super easy to make and only require a small scrap of fabric (any material works!) and a bit of ¼ inch elastic. I’ve made at least 15 of these for my friends during quarantine! 
  1. Chapstick holder keychains. These can be a bit annoying to sew because they’re so small, but I love having a specific place to keep my chapstick. This project requires a key ring, but you can use a carabiner clip so that it’s easier to attach to things!
  2. Pajama Shorts. This design is a bit more complicated but definitely a great starting place for beginners who want to make something a little bigger or intermediate sewers looking for more practice. I’ve made two pairs of these for friends and they’re absolutely adorable. Both flannel and quilting weight cotton (which I think JoAnn Fabrics calls “Keepsake Calico”, but it’s the same thing) work well. You can even make the back and front different colors like I did here to spice it up! Note: If you sign up for the blogger’s email list you can only access the “small” size for this printable pattern for free, but it was pretty oversized and could fit other sizes too.