The Small Business Struggle

By Nick Murray

With the states across the U.S. having implemented some form of lockdown, many are beginning to find themselves in difficult situations. Individuals have become unable to pay basic living expenses as a result of being laid off or having to close their  business. Furthermore, those with mental health or substance abuse issues have found it difficult to overcome their struggles when locked in their house. Despite many states beginning to rollback restrictions, local businesses remain strapped? Unfortunately, a majority of states have yet to meet the requirements needed to begin opening up. However, other states and counties have remained closed or increased restrictions without valid reasoning. Such counties include Santa Clara County where the infection rate remains the lowest of any major county in California. Such decisions leave the struggling small business owners left in the dark as to why their area remains under lockdown, despite lessening numbers of Covid-19 cases. Finally, many cities have extended stay-in-place orders indefinitely, without extending eviction moratorium or rent protection. Government officials argue that it is in the best interest of the people. Despite these claims, millions of Americans have indisputably  watched their lives crumble down around them, with small business owners being one of the most-affected groups. If government officials wish to prolong lockdown for the safety of the people, protections for small business should be extended as well. Otherwise, the long term damages of lockdown will rival the consequences of opening up the country.