The Most Charismatic Chefs

By Kendyl Brower 

What do you get when you mix cooking, charming chefs, and comedy? Youtube Channel, Bon Appetit Test Kitchen! If you keep up with popular Youtube videos, you have most likely stumbled on a Claire Saffitz Gourmet Makes Challenge from Bon Appetit, which can rake up to 10 million views. However, these cooking videos are more than simple tutorials, as they have a relaxed, inviting tone. One series, It’s Alive With Brad Leone, simply consists of a bubbly man fermenting foods and cracking jokes along the way. These friendly videos were huge steps as they feel  like conversations rather than the previous sleek prestigious Bon Appetit Magazine.  However, the down to earth chefs are what spiked their Youtube channel’s views. Each chef in Bon Appetit’s videos has a distinct, recognizable, and extremely likable persona, which viewers adore– like Claire Saffitz’s perfectionist mindset or Alex Delany’s goofy remarks. The videos from Bon Appetit show delicious food, but also all the failed attempts necessary to really perfect each dish. Although all the cooks are dedicated and talented, they still make mistakes and always improve on their original dish. This authenticity is what caused the Youtube channel to gain over 6 million subscribers, as well as bring these charismatic chefs to mainstream media. Claire Saffitz featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the entire crew was interviewed on 92nd Street Y. To put it simply, Bon Appetit Test Kitchen’s wholesome, authentic content focuses not only on amazing meals but also endearing, genuine people. I highly recommend tuning in to a Bon Appetit Test Kitchen video, for new recipes, or just for enjoying the loveable crew.

Note: In light of the current events regarding Condé Nast’s BIPOC pay inequity, many of the Bon Appetit chefs have chosen to step back from video production until initiative towards a more diverse company occurs. Although Condé Nast Entertainment is going through a period of reevaluation, the chefs still bring positivity in their videos regardless of the controversial company.