By Austin Lin

The Thai tropical pop band “temp.” is a hidden gem waiting to be found. The Bangkok based band consists of five members: Tarot Chiarakul, Warong Rachapreecha, Teerawut Ittiwut, Akkaradech Sarn-in, and Kita Wangkajornwuttisak. At first glance you may believe the songs are sung in Thai, however, all of their songs are sung in English. The tone of the songs are reminiscent of the 60’s and emulate an old-timey charm. The composition of the songs combine tropical pop along with blues as well as an  instrumental aspect, creating an overall very relaxing vibe. My personal favorites are “Corn and Cheese”  as well as “Motel California.” “temp.” won’t pop up immediately when you type their name into the search bar on platforms such as Spotify. However, by searching “temp.” along with keywords such as “Corn and Cheese” will do the trick. Just with a little digging, the reward is worth it. All in all, the band is a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered. I highly recommend taking a chance with “temp.”, you won’t regret it.