I’m A Hound For Happy Hound

By Ricky Thompson

Not only does Happy Hound, located on Los Gatos Boulevard, offer one of the tastiest burgers in town, but also a great price for it too. Compared to competing burger restaurants, namely Super Duper Burgers with a price of $6.75 or Five Guys with a base price of $4.99 for the smallest burger, Happy Hound has a price of $6.25 for a massive burger, vastly outsizing the competition for a similar price. In addition to the better “bang for your buck” than other restaurants, Happy Hound also has a great taste, the patty is grilled to perfection with a juicy inside and a perfect char on the outside. The condiments pair perfectly with the delicious sauce which really makes the burger standout. Hence the name Happy “Hound,” this restaurant also offers great tasting hot dogs. These hot dogs come in a variety of flavors, from a chili dog to a corn dog, all are good. Aside from regular fountain drinks, Happy Hound has mouthwatering shakes. Happy Hound possesses all the classic shake options, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, but my favorite would definitely be the Oreo shake, in every thick scoop or sip you get chunks of oreo cookie along with the white filling. Paired with the burger, fries, and a shake, the vibe of Happy Hound, with the older music and retro furniture, really seals the deal of a great restaurant that I would recommend.